Eating Out in North Wellington

Cafes and Restaurants in North Wellington


In no particular order……

Simmer Cafe is North Wellington’s newest addition and sits in the sun in the new Churton Park shopping precinct. Good coffee, yummy fresh food, indoor and outdoor seating options. The best cafe in the suburb.

Dunshea’s Deli – A small scale but popular spot for a coffee and bite to eat with yummy deli pies (the chicken and tarragon is my fav) and salads competing for the appetite along with other delicious morsels. Well worth a coffee stop especially if its sunny and not too busy (do a drive past first and check for empty tables outside).

Villa Cafe – Good coffee and a nice sunny deck. The food is a bit on the expensive side compared to other cafes in the suburbs. Avoid 10-11.30am if you seeking quietness, this is the mums with baby peak time!

Cafe du Parc – Small, quiet cafe in a lovely tree clad setting. Middle of the road coffee and average service. A real hit with the Khandallah set. Grab a takeaway coffee and go sit on a seat in Khandallah park if you are allergic to mohair sweaters and pearls.

Parsons Nose – This place has little ambience but is popular with the local retired people. Don’t go there for the coffee but they sell the best pies in the Northern Suburbs.

Queue Cafe – Classic suburban cafe. Not really my taste though. It used to be great but the new owners have let it slide. Very average coffee and no ambience and gloomy surroundings plus overpriced and unimaginative food keeps me away.

Khandallah Trading Company  – Definitely a great stop for a cold beer. Live music and plenty of local action makes this place a real community hub. They are good with kids too! $10 curry thursday night is a real hit with regular cardholders but be in early or try the garden bar on a sunny day.

Hell Pizza – Newlands and Khandallah. Gourmet pizza expensive and salty but tasty.

Taste – Impeccable Fine Dining in the suburbs. A rarity indeed. Beautiful food and an intimate atmosphere make this a sure stop if you have a special occasion but don’t expect a full wallet when you’ve finished. David and Gary work hard to make sure you have a good dining experience.

The Village Patisserie Cafe (formerly Rosa Cafe) in the Khandallah Village. Unfortunately, this cafe has gone downhill since it’s change of ownership. Everything feels a little sad and tired and the food selection is sparse where once it was vast.

1841 – Part pub / part restaurant. Perfect if you like dining in trackies, meals with plenty of fries, and sports on the big screen. The latest reincarnation has definitely taken a big step upwards with improved decor and a more family friendly atmosphere. This bar is popular with locals. Nothing inspired but fulfills a need locally.

Thyme Cafe (formerly Herbs)  – 238 Middleton Rd, Johnsonville. Set in a garden centre, Herbs was very run down but the new owner has given the premises a good paint.  A nice quiet spot to have a coffee.

Johnsonville Shopping Centre also offers the standard type of Cafe’s and takeaway food outlets. Muffin Break in the mall is popular with the locals. The muffins are huge and the coffee is okay but very expensive.

Curry to go in the Newlands Shopping centre is a best kept secret in the Northern Suburbs. Their madras, kormas, and vindaloos are worth phoning through for. Fresh, spicy, and delicious! Don’t be put off by the run down shop fittings, the smells coming from the tandor oven should reassure you. ph 4776662 to order

Chilis – Indian dine in and takeways restaurant in Newlands Mall. The chef is an ex-apprentice of the Curry to Go owner. After trying a few off the menu, my pick is definitely Curry to Go unless you want to sit in the restaurant. And if you want to dine in, wouldn’t you go to Tulsi or Dawaat in Jville?

Eat Right at the bottom of Ngaio Gorge. New owners have taken over from the original visionarys. A mezzanine cafe that has pleasant staff and is really well priced with good gluten free options. No ambience and passable coffee lets it down

Burger Fuel  – Huge burgers for hung over teenagers. Too many calories to do anyone any good but tastier and  more filling than Burger King or Mac Donalds. BURP!

The Roast Canteen –  Johnsonville Road. Roast meat and veges. End of story. Have never been and never intend to.

Johnsonville Mall Fish Supply and Johnsonville Fish Supply – Don’t get them confused. Costa at JFS has won awards on occasions for his fare. I’m not a fish and chips person but I have a number of saturated fat lovers at my office and they all swear by JFS. JFS is the one at the North end of the main road with the silver fish sculpture above the door.

Joes Food World – the usual feeding troughs of gluggy, over salted, calories disguised as chinese takeaways and fried stuff.

Zampelles  – An Olde Worlde Mall cafe offering a range of hot and cold food. Good soups in winter. Old school perculated coffee. A favourite of the local retired population.

Muffin Break –  A standard mall francise. Expensive over milky coffee and big bready muffins. Very little in their cabinet inspires me to stop but the tables always seem to be full. Fine for takeaways or if you don’t mind sitting in a busy thoroughfare.

Nandos – I’m amazed this francise is still in existence in Johnsonville.  GREAT hot sauce. Fine if you like spicy chicken wraps. It always seems to be empty.

The Innkeeper – I have very rarely entered this pub. The smokers and alcoholics standing at the entrance put me off. Very limited food available mainly focused on pies and burgers to soak up the grog. They do a cheap eggs on toast on the weekend which is popular.


Disclaimer: These comments are my own opinion from my own experience.